Export Week: Japanese Language and Culture

It’s nearly Export Week! UK Trade and Investment is inviting small and medium sized businesses to take part in Export Week, which starts on Monday 12th November. Each region will be hosting a series of events designed to inspire and support businesses looking to export.

If you needed any encouragement to get involved with exporting, take a look at the following:

  • Small and medium sized businesses with 9 employees or fewer account for more than 25% of UK’s exports to the European Union
  • The UK is the world’s fifth-largest trading nation
  • Exports in August 2012 were worth £40.3 billion
  • Non-EU exports increased by 8.2% (almost £1 billion) during August 2012 over the previous year
  • The UK’s biggest export markets are the USA, Germany and France
  • The UK is one of Japan’s top five European trade partners.

Over one hundred events have been organised across the UK to run 12th to 16th November as part of Export Week.

This will include a free Japanese language and culture experience delivered by Optima Training (UK) Limited in partnership with Newark Beacon Innovation Centre. To find out what the UKTI is doing in your region click here.

Japanese Language and Culture: The Essentials

As part of the Export Week schedule of events taking place in the East Midlands, Newark Beacon Innovation Centre and Optima Training (UK) Ltd. invite you to a free interactive Japanese taster session. We will also be joined by International Trade Adviser from the UKTI, Bob O’Meara, who will give you a brief insight into potential support available when doing business with Japan.

If you: are planning a trip to Japan; have Japanese clients coming over to visit you; are thinking about export; want to find out about Japanese language and culture; then this exciting half day event is for you.

During the session you will:

  • Learn how to introduce yourself formally using correct etiquette. Do you know how to present your business card appropriately?
  • Get to know some basics of Japanese business culture. Find out about negotiating styles
  • Find out more about Japanese food and drink, and dining etiquette. Have you seen a Japanese tea bag blossom into life?
  • Try out some Japanese writing. Learn some tools to create your own business card.

Export markets

You’ll also have the opportunity to win some Japanese goodies and you will receive a month’s free access to Optima’s online Learning Zone where you can download Japanese language materials and cultural tips.


If you would like any further information about our Japanese Language and Culture event, please call Rea on 01636 653 030 or book your place using EventBrite.

Places are limited so please book by 6th November.

Did you know?

  • Japan has a population of over 127 million, making it the third largest global economy
  • In 2010, Japan was the UKs 14th largest export market
  • Japanese consumers have high levels of disposable income
  • An aging population will make Japan one of the world’s most important “grey markets”
  • Japan offers an excellent stepping stone to China and Korea, especially if negotiations for a trilateral free trade area succeed later this year
  • Japan has important industrial clusters for transportation; precision machinery; environment and energy; information and communications technology; electronics and pharmaceuticals
  • Expected changes in Japans’ 2013 budget will favour the ‘Green’, ‘Medical/Life Sciences’ and ‘Agriculture’ industries – presenting a number of opportunities for UK businesses.