Global Industrial Coatings Market Study completed

We are pleased to report that the Global Industrial Coatings Markets 2010–2020 study was completed in January. This study has been a key focus of our Business Director, Mark Small, who has been working within the Irfab® team of the PRA since their own Director of Irfab Consultants left the project at very short notice.

man paintingMark has essentially been caretaking the role and was tasked with getting the Global Industrial Coatings Markets 2010–2020 study back on track to ensure that it was delivered on time.

The study took almost two years to complete, and is PRA’s most ambitious and comprehensive industry review to date. It is an invaluable tool to improve understanding of the end-user coatings market and to support strategic decision making.

The study findings suggest that the global industrial coatings market was worth over €40 billion in 2009. The market experienced a decline of 8% due to the recession, in terms of tonnage, which resulted in estimated coatings demand essentially falling back to 2006 levels. As a result, industrial coatings exhibited a 0.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the period 2006 to 2009.

Visit the PRA website for more information and to download sample pages from the study.