Guest Blog: Achieving good mental health and emotional wellbeing

Vicky Bailey, Director of Delphinus tmc Ltd, talks about the impact of poor mental and emotional health on business and the steps needed to address it.

Overwhelmed, stressed and running on empty or energised, motivated and itching to explore?

Mental and emotional health is an arena which is challenging to most of us as we like to think we can cope, can manage, can find balance in our lives and yet sickness due to poor mental and emotional health including stress, anxiety and over work is causing over 70 million working days to be lost each year[1].

mental_welbeingThis has a huge impact on individuals and has severe repercussions for employers and leaders – including increased staff turnover, sickness absence due to debilitating depression, burnout and exhaustion, decreased motivation and lost productivity.

Companies and businesses of all shapes and sizes increasingly understand the importance of good mental and emotional health; many simply feel unconfident handling and communicating these issues in work.

Do you have the confidence to be curious?

Good mental health is vital to business performance.  When staff feel happy and well cared for, they are more engaged, more motivated and more loyal.  As many as a third of employees would consider leaving their job if they didn’t feel looked after by their employer and a further 21% would be less motivated and productive[2].

Your staff are your business, your business is as good as their performance and their performance is a good as they are feeling at any one time.

Five steps to mental and emotional wellbeing:

  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Take notice
  • Keep learning
  • Creativity and play.


[1] UK Chief Medical Officer 2013

[2] Time to change 2011

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