It’s Nikolaus time again – do you have clean shoes?

How clean are your shoes?

Clean shoes for St Nikolaus

If the answer is ‘not very’, you need to get cleaning because St Nikolaus is coming. In Germany, on the evening of 5th December, children clean their boots or shoes and place them outside, hoping that Nikolaus will fill them with presents
He will fill them with presents, but only if you’ve been good.

Nikolaus also has a helper, Knecht Ruprecht, but instead of presents, Ruprecht puts a bunch of dry branches in naughty children’s shoes.

We’re feeling pretty festive and will give a £20.00 iTunes gift card to the person who sends us the best picture of their shiny clean shoes. To enter our St Nikolaus competition, all you have to is post a picture of your clean shoes on our Facebook page. Alternatively, you can use Twitter – just tweet your picture to @Optima_Training using #Nikolaus

We’ll judge the shiniest shoes on Saturday morning.