Languages and Culture at the Minster

On 19th January the Minster School held its annual Careers with Languages Day – aimed at Year 9 Pupils to provide motivation for them to continue learning languages. Our Education Director, Jo Small, was at the school all day offering advice and guidance to students.

She led short interactive sessions and talked about how languages have helped her in her working life. Small groups of students were given the task of thinking of key benefits of learning a language.

We think these are the best three:

“If you are capable of learning another language. You are capable of anything.”
Sam, Ross, Panda, Duncan, Henry, Joel, Owen

“Knowing a language can give you a big confidence boost, knowing that you can understand and communicate with who some people can’t. It can give you good job opportunities.”
Katherine J, Katherine H, Alice, Catriona, Beth

“Learning a language is good from an employer’s point of view because it shows that you are confident doing and learning new and different things.”
Jackson Brooksby and Joe Beardsly

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The Minster School at Southwell is a voluntary aided, comprehensive school that, since September 2005, specialises in the teaching of Music and Humanities. The school has enjoyed a long history and there is evidence of a school at Southwell since 955.