Languages Work Pledge

The Languages Work Pledge is an online campaign for businesses and individuals to sign up and show their support for improving our nation’s intercultural and language skills for employment and the UK economy.

The British Chamber of Commerce estimate that companies using language and cultural skills achieve an average of 45% more sales, yet foreign languages provision remains undervalued within the UK education system and employers struggle to find employees with the language skills needed to succeed in a global market place.

Signing the Languages Work Pledge is a simple and practical way to ensure that the importance of languages and intercultural skills to business in the UK is kept at the forefront of the Government’s agenda. Research has shown that more and more companies are looking for multi-lingual employees with an understanding of other cultures and we need to ensure that the provision is there for young people in the UK to learn these vital skills. If they don’t have language skills they will be at a disadvantage when competing in today’s jobs market”, said Michelle Brassell, CILT’s Employer Engagement Adviser.

If you value language learning, show your support for the Languages Work Pledge. Visit the pledge website for more details and to sign up.