Optima Easter egg hunt

After the success of our Christmas Card Hunt we decided that it might be fun to host an egg hunt to help celebrate Easter.

Easter Egg hunt

Win these chocolate eggs

All you have to do is search through the website and find the Optima Egg. Mark has already started to unwrap it as he just cannot resist eating chocolate, so you need to be fast. Once you have found the egg, let me know where you found it and you will be entered into the draw for some chocolate Easter goodies.

Unwrapped Easter egg

The Optima Egg

The competition closes on Thursday 28 March – we need to pick a winner and get the chocolate out of the office before the long weekend as there is just no way that we will be able stop Mark from eating everything after that.

The egg you are looking for looks like this but this isn’t it. Quick, go find the other one.

If looking for our chocolate egg sounds like too much effort, then why not just read Jo’s blog to see how we and other countries celebrate Easter.

Happy hunting and have a good Easter.

This competition is now closed. Click here to see who won.