Show us your shiny shoes for Nikolaus

Help us celebrate Nikolaus and win some festive chocolate goodies just in time for Christmas.

Nikolaus shoes with sweeties

5th December is traditionally the time when German children clean their boots or shoes to show that they have been good. In some places where Nikolaus is celebrated, children are encouraged to perform a good deed such as leaving a carrot or some hay inside the show as a gift for St. Nikolaus’ donkey. They usually place the shoes just outside the bedroom door at night time.

Then, according to legend, St. Nikolaus comes and leaves little treats such as coins and chocolate goodies – only for good children! Naughty children may well end up with twigs or coal in their shoes.

For your opportunity to win some festive chocolate goodies simply go to our Facebook page.  All we want you to do is ‘Like it’ and then upload a picture of your shiny shoes. The best shiny shoes picture will be chosen on St. Nikolaus Day – Thursday 6th December.