Mark is a trainer and facilitator who joined Optima Training in 2004. He has led the development of learning resources and training materials for a number of commercial organisations, as well as working within the Further and Higher Education sectors. Mark provided innovation and management training to small businesses for the GrowthAccelerator service and now develops and delivers leadership and management training on behalf of our client organisations.

Mark has a diverse work experience, and has worked with organisations such as Metropolitan Group, Black Horse Estate Agencies, Pera International, British Airways and Jaguar Land Rover. He spent two years managing the delivery of the Global Industrial Coatings Market 2010 – 2020 study on behalf of the PRA Irfab team, for which he was also the Lead Editor. Mark has also written a number of vocational learning materials (including Level 2 NVQ literature for Business Improvement Techniques, Performing Manufacturing Operations and Sign Making), college promotional materials and technical papers for use by various government departments.

Much of Mark’s time with Optima Training has been spent embedded within other organisations, helping to manage operations, map business models, reengineer value chains and create business processes. This experience is invaluable when it comes to sharing best practice in a training environment or helping to facilitate business strategy.