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Check out some of our most recent work and clients the Optima team have been involved with.

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    The best in education

    Westminster Kingsway College

    We’ve been supporting Westminster Kingsway College with both coaching and training since 2015 and absolutely love working there.

    In March 2017, we delivered a half-day session on ‘Developing Creative Meetings’ to a team of aspirational managers.

    • One of the attendees, Bryan, gave some feedback that made us chuckle, “I feel weirdly inspired by my next meeting!”
    • Ade Anwar commented, “Jo was a fantastic facilitator. She clearly helped us visualised how our meeting could be improved to help our strategic leads. Very useful.”

    We went back to Westminster Kingsway College later to work with a group of managers. The half-day workshop ‘Me at My Best’ was designed to help attendees reflect on their behaviours at work. It included activities on developing growth mind sets, using positive language and considering our impact on those around us.

    • They gave us just the kind of feedback that we like. Joy said, “I needed to be doing other work somewhere else but the training was really good and it was a privilege to attend.”
    • Paul Jervis, one of our regular attendees, said “Insightful and thought provoking, thanks – I am a big fan!”
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    Constructing better futures

    Robert Woodhead Limited

    Robert Woodhead Limited is a construction company based in Edwinstowe in the East Midlands.

    We were asked to work with one of their teams to help them develop more effective working relationships and manage their time and workloads more efficiently. We gave it the snappy title of ‘Jumping off the Treadmill’ and covered a range of topics including: effective delegation strategies, prioritising workload, making conversations purposeful and exploring what drives our behaviour.

    • Ashley Hibberd, a Project Coordinator, said “The way in which the group were engaged kept the course interesting and interactive. A course that is very effective and would recommend to others.”
    • Matt Stone, a Quantity Surveyor, said “Great day and very well delivered. Made the session informative and enjoyable.”
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    Creating good vibes in Croatia

    'Be useful, be positive, be better'

    In June 2016, Jo delivered a four day self-awareness programme in Zagreb called ‘Be useful, be positive, be better’ to employees and middle managers working in the banking sector in Croatia. The attendees had been recognised by the Company as future talent and our programme was aimed at building their self-awareness and team working skills. We did this using a variety of activities including: exploring mind sets, exploring drivers and emotional intelligence, and developing coaching techniques.

    • “The overall impression is more than excellent. Each of us should take this type of training not only to start thinking of themselves and the areas that could be improved but actually to take some concrete action and achieve a step forward” is how the session was described by one attendee.
    • Another added “Loved the level of interaction, trainer noticing when it was time to ‘wake us up’.”