Do you have a good team that is performing well? If you do and you are still reading, then that is because you understand the value of continued development. We believe that team training should be about getting everyone to reach their full potential. Sharing pockets of good practice so that it becomes the norm. Continually improving on good to make it even better.

In reality most businesses only invest in training when something isn’t right: a team that is under-performing; meetings do not get the desired results; team members that cannot get on with each other.
We deliver team training that is focused on tackling specific issues to deliver improved communications, more effective meetings and a performance culture of support.

We do this at your site so that the positive behaviours we develop feel natural in the work environment after the training has finished, increasing the likelihood of a sustainable change.

Three cogs interlinkingWe don’t do ‘off the shelf’ training so, to give you a flavour of what we’re about, here are some examples of the kinds of workshops that we develop:

Creative Meetings – a half-day session on how to run ideas generation meetings that people want to attend. We cover: how to ensure that everyone feels able to participate in a meeting; different communication styles; effective meeting structures; barriers to generating ideas and how to overcome them; and why AoB is the kiss of death.

Jump off the Treadmill – a day long workshop designed to support teams feeling swamped with work. The key themes are effectiveness at work, delegation and communication. We explore: the pros and cons of ‘to do’ lists; building up a series of good habit loops; giving clear instructions; checking and clarifying information; and giving and receiving effective feedback.

Preparing for Change – working equally well as a half-day or a full day session, we deal with preparing teams and organisations for change. We typically cover: Kotter’s eight step model; exploration of the change curve; attitudes towards change; planning for change; the role of culture and engagement in planning for change.

Want us to develop a workshop for you? Let us have your number and we’ll drop you a line. Let’s talk.