The most important things you need to know about our team facilitation:

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Step 1: You’ll need to let us in. Before we can run any successful team facilitation session we will need to understand the dynamics of the team. This usually involves spending some time within your organisation and conducting individual assessments. These aren’t as scary as they sound. They are aimed at finding out more about what motivates and drives team members as well as preferred communication styles.

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Step 2: It might be uncomfortable. If we’re there, there’s usually a problem and to fix it we might need to talk about it – this isn’t always easy. Finding out what makes you tick and what drives your behaviours can also be an uncomfortable experience. Team interactions will be put under a spotlight.

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Step 3: It will be alright in the end. Our facilitators are skilled in getting blockers and issues resolved. When we are finished we leave you with the tools and techniques that will let your team create their own lightbulb moments.

Not sure if team facilitation is what your team needs? Let us have your number and we’ll drop you a line. Let’s talk.