Our vision

Our vision is to work with people who share our values and behaviours so that we can build a successful business, where success is being able to look ourselves in the mirror and like who we see, find the right balance between work and play and still be doing this ten years from now.

We want to create an environment (whether it’s coaching, training or facilitation) in which you can have your light bulb moments; to work with you to create something sustainable.

For us the reward of seeing you have a light bulb moment and taking a solution back into your organisation is what it’s all about.

Our Values

  • Linked to Business Objectives

    We believe that training and coaching should be linked to specific business objectives for maximum impact

  • Continuous Improvement

    We believe in a process of continuous review and assessment to demonstrate the impact of training and coaching on the individual and business

  • Deliver Value

    We strive to deliver value to our customers in everything that we do

  • Development

    We are committed to continuously improving the services that we provide through the continuous development of our partner trainers, facilitators and coaches

We have three simple rules:

  1. We always say please and thank you
    We treat our partners and customers as we would want to be treated ourselves. It’s all about relationships.
  2. We have two ears and one mouth – we try to use them in that order
    We try to understand your business, how you work and what you are trying to do so that we can create the solution that you need.
  3. We tell the truth
    Sometimes we won’t be the right choice – we would rather say that than take on a customer just for the money. Sometimes we will need to challenge you to get the results that you need. It won’t always be easy.