We see a lot of organisations that invest time and money into training their staff but don’t do the same for their managers. You can be highly skilled in the job but without investment in developing your people management skills you will not necessarily be able to get the most out of your new team.

You may be an experienced manager who wants to unlearn some bad habits or improve a specific skill set. You may be new to management and need to learn how to manage a team of people who used to be your friends.

Leadership and Management TrainingAdopting a coaching-led approach, we will create a training solution that addresses those areas that will have the biggest impact on your performance, whilst using models and techniques that are best suited to the organisation’s culture.

The bespoke nature of our Leadership and Management training means that the only thing we can say for sure is that you will not always enjoy it!
Our training is designed to be engaging, even fun at times, but we will likely push you out of your comfort zone as we challenge you to reach your potential.

The first step is to understand if training is going to deliver what you want. Let’s talk.

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We don’t do ‘off the shelf’ training so, to give you a flavour of what we’re about, here are some examples of the kinds of workshops that we develop for Leadership and Management training:


Challenging Conversations – we have run a few versions of this workshop for our clients both as half or full day sessions and with or without our Drama Dude (although it’s much more exciting with him involved). The session deals with challenging conversations and we talk about: understanding behaviours and our emotional responses and triggers; how to prepare for challenging conversations and deal with surprises; and how to build up a culture where challenging conversations become the norm and therefore less challenging.

Me at My Best – a half-day session designed to support the personal development of Managers. The key themes are: developing a growth mind-set; exploring the ‘inner’ language that we use and how this can impact upon our behaviour; exploration of what pushes our buttons in the workplace, the impact on our behaviour and coping strategies.

Feedback: No Sandwiches Please – a half-day session on how to give effective feedback. We have had great success (and fun) in the past by extending this to a full day workshop and running through some challenging scenarios with our Drama Dude. We cover: why feedback sandwiches don’t work; key ingredients of great feedback; and strategies for dealing with different reactions to feedback.

Model Making for Beginners – usually run as a one day workshop, this session explores various tools and techniques that can be applied to creating business strategy, developing cost effective marketing campaigns or re-engineering your business model or operations.
Want us to develop a workshop for you? Let us have your number and we’ll drop you a line. Let’s talk.