Celebrating language learning – will you take the challenge?

Did you know … it‘s European Day of Languages (EDL) on Thursday 26th September. This is a European wide day to encourage language learning both in and out of school. It also aims to get everyone thinking about how languages can enrich their lives – professionally, for study, or just for fun.

The day has been celebrated since 2001 and is a great opportunity for schools to promote language learning and, just as important, for everyone to celebrate linguistic diversity. The EDL website contains fun facts and activities linked to languages. This year, there is even a downloadable handbook containing 51 challenges. Click here to visit the EDL website

Chloe and Erin enjoying languages at Kineton High School

This is a great resource encouraging you to step a little outside of your language comfort zone – you may know more than you think! Even better, if you complete 20 challenges or more, you can request a certificate. I’m currently considering tackling challenge 32 – ‘I told a joke in a foreign language (and someone laughed!)’ but this is way outside my comfort zone!

I’ll keep you posted ……