New mentoring framework published

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) recently commissioned the development of a national mentoring framework. The Professional Development Programme for Mentors and Coaches is for practitioners  in Further Education and Training.

We often talk about our work being coaching-led. It’s fair to say that all of our people development programmes contain a thread of coaching and mentoring. We believe that it is this approach that will help you to connect new skills and approaches to your own context.  It helps to ensure that the “learning lands” so that it is embedded and can be sustained.

So we were thrilled when Jo was asked to be part of the training and writing team for the Advanced Mentoring Programme, which was delivered by Alphaplus on behalf of the ETF.

A ground-breaking programme

Due to Pandemic restrictions, this ground-breaking programme was delivered purely online to teams across the Further Education sector. The programme comprised of cohorts of experienced mentors who met regularly in Zoom workshops to enhance and develop their skills. The workshops provided plenty of opportunity to work with likeminded mentoring folks. They held online tutorials, mentoring supervision activities and Action Learning Sets. Very few were able to ever met in person, but the atmosphere was overwhelmingly supportive and great professional friendships were forged.

The programme was so successful that it ran for another year and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for another one. Further Education benefits hugely from mentoring, from new teachers being buddied up with mentors as part of their induction programmes, to experienced managers working with mentors to further their skills. Mentoring is a great way to: further develop existing skills inhouse; create a supportive and listening culture; and develop a learning culture that is sustainable. What’s not to like?

Supporting mentoring guides

The ETF have published a range of free practical guides to supplement the programme, including three new guides for mentors, mentees and leaders. Earlier this year, Jo was asked to be part of the authoring team for a new guide – Mentoring Framework: Guide for Mentoring Coordinators. The guide has just been published and you can access it here:

The Coordinators Guide

There’s no stopping Jo now and she is currently working on finetuning a programme to develop mentoring skills in the workplace. Watch this space or contact us for more details.

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