Preparing for a ‘New Normal’

Many businesses are being forced to change how they operate due to COVID-19. Some are even creating new business models in response to the changing conditions. Social distancing and lock down measures introduced to curb the spread of the virus are having an impact on us all.

What we don’t know yet, is how quickly things will return to normal once the crisis is over. Assuming that they will at all.

The language of “new normal” is already in use. This suggests that you will need to carefully consider how your business engages with your customers.

There is lots of new content being produced to help during lock down. We thought we would do our bit, by providing some digital content of our own; to help you prepare for a “new normal” future.

Creating a new business model

We have put together a new video that covers the basics of the Business Model Canvas. You can use the canvas to consider how the organisation can redefine elements of the business building blocks to create a sustainable business model. The video is available here.

We are also offering free support to local businesses that are new to using the Business Model Canvas.

Link to YouTube video on Business Model Canvas.

Understanding your customers

Of course creating a business model that effectively meets the needs of your customers, in order to create value, will mean that you understand your ideal customer. So we have refreshed an older video that provides a summary of Customer Empathy Mapping.

Again, if you have not used Customer Empathy Mapping before, we are happy to guide you through the technique. We are offering free support for local businesses.

Link to Customer Empathy Mapping video on YouTube.

Email productivity

Remote working has inevitably brought with it an increase in email traffic. So we thought it would also be a good time to update our Email Productivity video, which outlines an effective way of managing the inbox. That video is also now available on our YouTube channel.

Link to Email Productivity video on YouTube.

Free support for local business

If you would like to take advantage of our limited time offer of free support to local businesses, use the contact form. Let us have your details and we will arrange a suitable time to talk.